Harnessing American energy requires the right combination of experience and ingenuity

Our operations are focused in the Utica Shale, a premier North American shale play located in the Appalachian Basin. Ascent has established a leading position in the Utica Shale, with ownership in over 310,000 net leasehold acres and royalty interests in over 70,000 fee mineral acres. Our acreage position spans multiple phases of the Utica Shale play, providing diversified exposure to natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids.

A core component of our business strategy is to obtain sufficient midstream and firm transportation infrastructure capacity to provide flow assurance and access to premium natural gas markets. Such capacity allows us to take advantage of enhanced market liquidity and to achieve attractive realized pricing for our production in relation to in-basin prices. We actively manage our marketing, midstream and downstream relationships to achieve the gathering, processing and takeaway capacity necessary to maximize the value of our production. Our acreage has the benefit of major gathering and processing infrastructure already in place to support our future development program and our diversified firm transportation portfolio provides flexibility to shift volumes to multiple premium markets and avoid being captive to in-basin pricing.

Our management team has previously operated large-scale development programs in major unconventional resource plays, overseeing the drilling and completion of thousands of horizontal wells across the United States, including over 980 horizontal wells in the Utica Shale. Our executive management and technical teams have an extensive history of identification, discovery and cost efficient management of profitable, large-scale unconventional resource development programs and collaboration in the identification and execution of acquisitions. Their experience and management practices allow for more autonomy in the exploration and production field, which increases operating efficiency while establishing and maintaining a culture of operational safety.